Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Angel Giclee- New eBay

24"x18" Giclee Print EBAY SOLD (other prints available)

Is it as hot where you are as it has been here? We gave a
forecast of temperatures in the 90s for the next ten days.
I do not like hot. Let me tell you it gets warm up in Don's
studio! I decided not to bore you with the latest update
on the painting. Instead I decided to put one of my Giclees
up on eBay at 1/2 off. I will not be doing this too often
but I need art supplies. So if you have interest in this print
this would be the time.


Uta said...

No its not hot here. We are in the middle of winter and I'm dreaming of warmer weather. At least we don't have snow here. That would be way too cold. I will be complaining of the hot weather before too long though.

Katherine said...

That is funny UTA I forgot it is winter down under.
I can't wait until the weather gets cooler. Just a little cooler.