Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Oil on canvas, 60"x48" Collection of artist

I have hesitated to post this image as the photograph
does not do it justice and it is in my eyes one of maybe
5 of the most successful pieces I have created as an
artist. During the time I was studying at The Drawing
in Portland I developed a frozen right shoulder.
Not to be done in by an arm I could not move I switched
to my left hand, my non-dominant side. As difficult as
this was there is no faster way to access the right side
of the brain. I started drawing a nude and she became
a bird woman with her right wing tight against her side.
I liked her so much I took a 5'x4' canvas and started to
translate her into oils. At first she looked like the drawing
but it did not translate in oil and she had little pizazz. I
kept going for the next year. Now she has a place of feature
in my home and reminds me what is really meaningful to
me in my expression.


Jeane Myers said...

good morning Katherine - ooooo, I see why you love this piece - it is so wonderful - what I'm really excited about, no not flickr, but your transition - the piece in your last post is so alive and energetic and if this is the way you are headed, I'm excited for you:))))))))) journey on girl!

Sunrise Sister said...

The lovely confidence that your words exude make me know this piece is special, beyond what even the photograph can possibly state. I admire your quest for transition, growth and continuing confidence as an artist - yep, I've said it before, you are an inspiration!

HeartFire said...

Gorgeous piece and so meaningful too.

Poetic Artist said...

It is great and the story makes it more special.

ArtPropelled said...

Well she's definitely got pizazz now! I echo Jeanes comment....journey on girl!

Katherine said...

Jeane thank you for your unending support. I really appreciate it. I find myself very intimidated facing down my meaning so this support is fabulous!

Katherine said...

Dianna thank you. It is wonderful to feel I can inspire. I can't think of anything better really.
As I said to Jeane I am very intimidated by this quest and I really appreciate your support. One of these days you will have to come to Cove and meet Bird Woman in person.

Katherine said...

Thank you Delorse.

Katherine said...

Thank you Katelen.

Katherine said...

Thank you Robyn for your support. Ditto what I responded to Jeane.

lynne h said...

oh, i love LOVE this!!!

Katherine said...

Thank you very much Lynne.