Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chasing Stars

I think I am almost finished with my large painting.
It is funny for most of the process the left hand side
has remained the strongest. I have been working
to bring the rest of the painting to the point where it is
as strong and brings your eye all the way across. 10 feet
has been a long way to bring attention. Now the left is the
part I am questioning. I do feel it is close and that the whole
painting is what gets your attention.

I reposted the image and it is finished now.


Uta said...

Ooh I could get lost in there. Very yummy! I don't see dogs though :(. I see a harbor with the masks of boats all along the bottom and the most brilliant sunset. Its really dreamy. But if its a dog name you want, how about K9 hehehe

Katherine said...

Uta it is officially named Chasing Stars. Thank you for your nice feedback and associations.

Jeane Myers said...

Katherine, this piece is plain amazing! wow! also love, love the figure in your last post - the lines the collage elements made are just wonderful :)

Don Gray said...

I wish everyone had the pleasure of viewing this beautiful painting the way I get to: in person on my studio wall.

Katherine, it has been fun having you in the studio and watching you work on "Chasing Stars." Congratulations on a fine painting.

Katherine said...

Jeane thank you so much. I had a blast painting this! And thanks for the comments on my last post. I'll have try drawing on collage again some day.

Katherine said...

Don thank you so much on so many levels. Thank you for your support, for sharing your huge beautiful studio. For being such great company to paint with. For all your very helpful feedback. For the beautiful mural and paintings done in my presence. For the laughter, the conversation and last but not least Winslow. Congratulations on a fine mural!