Tuesday, April 20, 2010

After Aristide Maillol

"After Aristide Maillol" Charcoal on paper, 30x22, $495
If you are interested in purchasing this drawing please
email me at katherine@katherinetreffinger.com

I have been so busy lately doing all the things I put off
getting this last batch of paintings ready that I have had
no time for the studio. But there is still plenty of art of
mine I have not posted.

I did this drawing while I was still in Portland and it is a
study of a drawing of Aristide Maillol, a French artist
mostly known for his sumptuous sculptures. I love doing
studies of others drawings as I learn so much.



jbkrost said...

This is beautiful!....
the female lines are soothing to the eye.
have you been hiding these?
I always liked charcoal

Don Gray said...

Lovely drawing, Katherine.

Katherine said...

JB, no not hiding them, I just haven't been drawing much lately. That paint has such a seduction and the way I work with charcoal messes with my hands. But I must admit I love charcoal.

Katherine said...

Don thank you. High complement coming from you, with the drawings I have been seeing of yours!