Thursday, April 15, 2010


"David, Charcoal on paper, 35x22, $200
If you are intereested in purchasing this drawing please
email me at

Well, of course, after sending yesterday's painting out
into the blogosphere I went back into it with thinner.
I pulled color off it because I decided it was too dark.
So that is my task if I make it to the studio today.
I am getting a bodywork session today so it may be a
day off. Good way to spend tax day don't you think?

This is a drawing I did while studying at the Drawing
Studio in Portland. I have been itching to draw lately,
so maybe that is what I will do next time I sit down
to create.


jbkrost said...

hope spring is treating you a bit better!!
this is great, thanks for your comment on my page!

Katherine said...

Hi JB thank you for visiting and commenting. I loved visiting your world.