Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brazil Installation

I would be remiss if I did not post this on my blog.
I found this on Flickr and keep going back like a
dry sponge trying to fill with moisture. I know next
to nothing about this. A group of artists in Brazil
did this painting installation, painting the floors and
walls of this exhibition space. Then there was an
exhibition of it. There are tons of pictures.
Here and here And if you go looking you will find
many more.

I hope you enjoy. In February of 2009 I started
this blog wondering if I would get one person to
read it. I felt a little doubtful. So I went and checked
my stats today for whole time it has been up. Thus
far I have had 11,245 visits from 5,223 visitors.
The average amount of time they have spent reading
has been 2:21. They visit from 87 different countries.
So the next time you consider putting your self out in
the world via blog I would encourage it. :^}


Caio Fern said...

it seens to be a great instalation .
can you see fron what country is the guy that is leaving this coment right now ?

Uta said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for adding our work to your blog - this is really great and we appreciate it...the more we exchange and promote our work, more people will know what's happening to art around the world.
A big hug from the whole group,from Brazil.

Katherine said...

With a name like Caio I would say Brazil.

Katherine said...

Uta, I know isn't it so cool? I hope you went to see the pictures on Flickr.

Katherine said...

A big hug back to the group back in Brazil. Thank you for your fresh and exciting collaboration.

Don Gray said...

What a rich, beautiful environment they created. Remarkably integrated style-wise too, for so many different artists.

Katherine said...

I thought the same thing Don. I hope you followed the links to see more of the installation and the artists. I have asked one of the artists to write about it. I hope she does.