Friday, May 14, 2010

Sutter's Mill

"Sutter's Mill", Oil on Canvas, 40x30,
Collection of Prem and Binnie Arcot

I am still working on my brochure. Jeez what a task!
As a result I have not been in the studio. Everyday
I tell myself I am going to go in and work, but I either
have something happens, like allergies, or I have an
inspiration with the writing. What I am trying to say here
is I still have nothing new to post so you are getting an
older piece that I am fond of. Something about the green.

It's a beautiful day here, I hope it is wherever you are.


Javmango said...

makes me think of forest :)

Katherine said...

Made me think of a forest stream. Water with all the green reflected.

jbkrost said...

I love the battle between the green and the red, they naturally brighten each other and make a brighter color.
are we going to see your brochure?

Teri said...

Sutter's Mill is just down the road a bit from where we live. Love the look of the water here...maybe reflections of trees, maybe some GOLD??? Wish I could find a few ounces!

Teri said...

Katherine--I just read your comment to Melanie about the bean shooting out of your nose! Talk about out loud laughter!!! You crack me up!! Someday we will have to meet.

Katherine said...

Thank you JB. The brochure not about me the artist it's my other hat so it'll be on my other blog not this one.

Katherine said...

I know exactly where Sutter's Mill is. I think it is so pretty there. I think this is one of the paintings I painted the canvas iridescent gold before creating the painting so the gold would come through. That thar gold was the reason for the name!

Katherine said...

Teri one of my greatest gifts is I am accidentally very funny. I have many more where that story came from.