Friday, April 3, 2009


Oil on canvas 40"x30"
Collection of artist
Starting next week, if all goes as planned, I am going to start
including in my postings the answer to a question from
various artists. I will introduce one artist at a time along
with an image of their art.

The question is: "What meaning does doing art have for you?
Why do you show up in your studio, or wherever, and pick up
your tools day after day?"

This is something I have thought of doing for a while as a
book, but now I have the blog and, who knows, maybe it
could become a book. I am very excited about this. I can't
wait to hear the answers. Showing up for their creations is
often an irresistible pull for artists. Many of us at any given
time ask ourselves why we are doing it.

I want to hear the artists' answers. If you are an artist and
would like to contribute please let me know.

I, of course, will continue to post my own work.


Dogs by Bri said...

I'd love to participate. What a cool idea.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

There are probably a hundred reasons why I show up in the studio most days. Today I didn't really work...just a little clean up and photo taking, journal writing...I'll get back to work Sunday and for sure Monday and I will think about some major reasons and write again. Thanks for the question.

rahina qh said...

great idea katherine. it will be intriguing and inspiring to read the responses. my response would be because i have so much to learn and doing it is the only way. one day i will produce a real painting! best wishes r.

Alberta and Ava said...

I think this would be a wonderful book (especially if Blackfish is on the cover), and I'd love to participate.

Dean Grey said...


I like the attention to detail in "Blackfish".

Upon clicking onto the larger scan I could see all the nuances in the piece. The splatters of paint, the tiny scratched in lines near the top, the wavy thick lines toward the bottom, etc.

Colorful as always but this time noticeably looser. Almost looks like a watercolor painting!


To answer your question.....

Art is a way to express myself and connect with who I was born to be. It's a yearning, a desire, a need, to just create and let the process consume you.

It's that "pull" that always brings me back when I'm feeling depressed or want to stray from my artwork.

It's chance to connect with something bigger than yourself.


Katherine said...

Bri I am glad! Can't wait to see what you write.

Katherine said...

Blue Sky thank you for visiting and for your response. Stay tuned I think there are going to be some interesting answers over time.

Katherine said...

Let's talk Alberta, I am thrilled you want to participate.

Katherine said...

Thank you Dean. I posted Blackfish on purpose with the introduction of my meaning project. Blackfish just poured out of me and is for me one of my best pieces. It was that rare moment when the Angel of Creativity was in the studio and I was completely open and let it come through. Thank you for you r wonderful response.

Katherine said...

Rahina didn't mean to skip you. Oops. Keep showing up for art and it will teach you. It is always teaching me. Glad you like my project.

leek said...

Like this one very much, K.


Katherine said...

Thank you Lee. I do too that's why it isn't for sale. The angel of creativity came that day. Ahhhh so rare.

Alberta and Ava said...

Just wanted you to know that I visit Blackfish almost every day! If you ever decide to part with it......

Katherine said...

Alberta you are a gem!

Robyn said...

Great idea for a book Katherine. I suppose art for me is my solace, my sanctuary, a place where I draw strength, energy and healing, a meditation, something I have to do to feel balanced.