Monday, April 13, 2009

Doug Kaigler- Art and Meaning

"Today's Special, David's Dilemma"

What is the meaning of doing art for you?

Far Back...........

I recall sitting in the back seat of our 57 Olds

gazing out the window

marveling at the landscape and architecture rushing by

my heart beating to the rhythm of the radio

my father’s head nodding ever so slightly

road markers appearing, disappearing and reappearing

a quick glance through the glass as another car passes by

our eyes meet

Years later........

Fresh from her mother’s womb

that look in my daughter’s eyes

she knew at birth

the connections, the rhythm


There are times in the studio

in the salvage yard or the river

my steps, my will, my intuition

they move together

appearing, disappearing and reappearing

I keep coming back with the hope of remembering more

Link for Doug's work:


Jeane said...

absolutely wonderful!

Sunrise Sister said...

Beautiful work and words!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Ahh, that sweet space of knowing...your image and words say it all!

leek said...

It's a beautiful piece of writing and a provocative image.

Katherine said...

Glad you like it Jeane. I love how the answer is a poem. Isn't Doug's sculpture wonderful? Takes me right into the world of dreams and myths.

Katherine said...

Dianna...aren't they though? Glad to see you are enjoying the project.

Katherine said...

Thanks Mary Ann for leaving Doug a comment. Love his format.

Katherine said...

Lee thanks for coming back and commenting, I like seeing you here.