Monday, April 27, 2009

Uta Mooney- Art and Meaning

'Little Miss Series: Quirky'
'Little Miss Series: Coy''Little Miss Series: Prim'"Little Miss Series: Proper'
Each painting mixed media on canvas 36"x24"

What is the meaning of doing art for you?

My name is Uta Mooney and I live in Adelaide, South
Australia. I found your question very interesting and
thought about it for quite a few days.
Why do I show
in the studio day after day? The answer is very
simple. I need to show up in the studio day after day
the same way as I need to breathe. Without it I would
cease to exist. It's a way I reach my deep self. Turning
up at the easel transports me to a place where I can
truly be, it's more than that. It's where I can
simply be.

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Well said Uta! Lovely paintings...leg language!

Jeane said...

Katherine & Uta - these are just wonderful and I agree with Mary Ann - well said, Uta....

lucy said...

these are so delightful and whimsical. thank you for introducing us to uta!!

Katherine said...

Thank you Mary Ann, Jeane and Lucy for visiting and commenting. It is wonderful getting the support for this project. I loved receiving Uta's words! Don't you love these legs that say so much!

Uta said...

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments. I have an exhibition coming up soon with my daughter and granddaughter (owner of the legs) and your support helps a lot.

Katherine said...

It is an absolute pleasure to have you as a part of the project. May your show be a smashing success. I love these paintings!

Robyn said...

Charming! Uta, your exhibition is bound to be a success.

Katherine said...

Thanks Robyn for visiting and commenting on Uta's work.