Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Oil on canvas 9x6 SOLD

It's difficult to follow yesterday's posting with a simple
little painting of mine but it's ready so it is getting posted.
This painting feels to me like the evidence of Spring
coming to Cove. There are Crocuses in theflower bed at
the library next door. Thank God for Crocuses, they are
so small and brave coming up with their bright colors
when the nights can still dip in the twenties. It was almost
70 yesterday though. Yipee! I have been wearing my
Chaco sandals for 3 days now and my feet feel

Art and Meaning will return tomorrow with another artist.


R K Schlueter said...

Love it! I really like Mark's work too! thanks! ~R

Katherine said...

Rachel thank you. I saw you are following his blog. That is great!

Jeane said...

lovely painting Katherine and I so enjoyed your 'artist post' yesterday - very interesting - am working on mine - have been gone, but home tomorrow!

Katherine said...

Thanks so much Jeane. I look forward to your response.
I won't have space to post it until next week so no rush.