Wednesday, April 15, 2009

M. Lehrer-Plansky Art and Meaning

"Gold 9" is mixed media, acrylic, fabric, stones,
wire and gold leaf 9 as a set , each canvas
measures 4" x 4"

What is the meaning of doing art for you?

The quick answer is for art making but
to give a fuller answer let me begin with the many
reasons I no longer have for art making. In the
beginning I wanted to BE an artist, I wanted to
prove I was good at this art making. So everyday
I would work at it, taking classes, juried shows,
small venues to show work and then galleries etc.,
all to prove I was an artist and I did a fair enough
job...even with some moderate sales. I had a studio
back when my children were small and I felt the
pressure of studio rent...proving my time and money
spent on learning my craft was important. Underneath
all that was this little girl excitement about art.
Gathering myself and going to the studio (stopping
for coffee first) was one of my most joyful experiences...
me going to MY studio.

All that is past, my children are grown, my studio is
in my home (rent free) and I have proven myself
enough,...great pleasure in accomplishment but my
real reason is for the love. I'm still learning, still
willing to grow but not in the proving mode, now it's
finding ways to best express Mary Ann.

Some days I go in with a story or journey I want to
explore, beginning one way and willing to have a
dialogue with the imagery, the paint and texture. I've
been doing this most of my life and I don't feel I have
scratched the surface...I'm never bored and always
willing to go back in to see what is next. Sure, I get
disappointed but most important is today and the next
and the next day. This is creating and the love of
creating and it is what we are made of.

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Jeane said...

thank you Katherine and Mary Ann - this was just wonderful and I can relate so much!

sukipoet said...

nice idea and i enjoyed reading this.

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I can see the love in your work!

Karen L said...

This is a great new site for me - I love Mary Ann's art and her writing. So nice to have her featured on your site.

Karen L said...

Hey! A great new site to follow. I love Mary Ann's art and writing and it's so lovely to see her featured on your site. What a great idea.

Katherine said...

Jeane I really appreciate you following this project. Isn't it fabulous how the artists are responding!? I can relate to Mary Ann's words also.

Katherine said...

Stick around Suki, there's more to come!

Katherine said...

Thanks for visiting Nikki.

Katherine said...

Thanks Karen and welcome to my blog.

Katherine said...

Thank you Mary Ann for your lovely words, your beautiful art and for sending people my way.

~Babs said...

Wow, another fine blog to visit!
I enjoy Mary Ann's art and blog,,and found your question and her answer fascinating. Thank you!

Katherine said...

Thank you for visiting Babs. Nice to meet you.