Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jeane Myers- Art and Meaning

muslin, graphite, and oil on canvas - work in progress 16"x20"

What is the meaning of doing art for you?

To be honest, I don't really think about why I do art.
If I had to give a reason, which Katherine has asked us
to do, I would have to say, I just love to make art. So I
guess I do it because I love it. Is that too easy? Maybe.
I gain benefits from making things. I stay balanced
and so I maneuver better in the world. I have the
opportunity to express many emotions through painting.
That goes back to staying balanced I guess. I have
learned how to stay true to myself and trust my choices.
I don't do art to please anyone but myself. If other people
enjoy what they see, then that is a huge bonus. I get to
go deep inside myself because my art gives me a place to
put what I find.
Right now I am learning a new medium. Oils. This is
already a challenging journey. The image I have included
is a work in progress that is 'the ugly' part of 'the good',
'the bad' and 'the ugly'. I think it is important for people to
understand that not everything we lay our hands to is worthy.
We must do the practice daily to reap any of the rewards.
I will continue to work on this piece and start the process of
this new learning curve. I'm excited because I will discover
new things. I will have to push myself in ways I haven't
before. I do art because I love it. I'm richer for applying
myself. I'm better in the world.

UPDATE: And even though I refer to the painting as 'the ugly'
in 'the good', 'the bad' and 'the ugly'?, I was referring to is
the first image I sent Katherine. I actually like where this
piece is now.

Jeane's blog


david mcmahon said...

Interesting question, about what art means to me. I think I answered it in a recent post, called ``K Is For Kaleidoscope''.

(G'day from Australia)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Jeane, The oils are wonderful...the colors are so rich and the texture is great too...truly open to the challenge. Perfect that you bring up balance...balance in the world, I couldn't agree more...of course, the love of art making but yes, balance!!

Anonymous said...

Challenges are stimulating and can lead to rewarding learning experiences. Here's another bonus, I enjoy what I see in your paintings.

I'll return to check out your art. I find your header painting intriguing, a bit of a splashed bright puzzle.

Alberta and Ava said...

I with you Jeane! Making art makes ME better. I admire your determination to learn a new medium and love your work. I'd been considering taking a class in oil painting this summer because I've never attempted to use oils, and now I think I'll do just that!

Annie said...

Great to read your words, Jeane. For the love of it....... What better reason could there ever be?

Derrick said...

Hello Katherine,

Jeane's work is always great to see and her exploration in oils is producing some wonderful images. May I say how much I like your header too? Wonderful vibrancy and I love the blue/purple in the centre!

peggy gatto said...

Your header is a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the question ! I paint in all mediums and just discovered altered art 5 years ago. My opportunity for creating and expressing "exploded".
glad I got here!

Katherine said...

David isn't the internet something? Here you down under and me in the US and we can look at each others work and communicate. I'll head over to your blog when I am done here. Wish I was heading to Australia. Nice to meet you.

Katherine said...

Thanks again Mary Ann for your attention to and participation in this project.

Katherine said...

Chewy Thanks for visiting, I'll have to check out if you have a blog. I love blog networking. Thanks for visiting Jeane's response and her wonderful artwork.

Katherine said...

Kathy oils are the best, take that class...well if it is with a good teacher. Thanks for visiting and commenting on Jeane's great response.

Katherine said...

Annie thanks for visiting Jeane's work and words.

Katherine said...

Thanks Derrick for visiting Jeane's post. I love her work and willingness to keep working it.

One of these days I am going to have to post the painting the header comes from. Thanks for visiting and nice to meet you.

Katherine said...

Thanks for visiting Peggy, so glad you enjoyed your time here. Keep up that exploding..I always love to hear art is exploding from someone.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Hello Katherine! I'm coming over via Jeane's. What a great idea you have to ask these questions for artists to answer! I love your blog and work - I'm going to go and have a look at your website now! Many thanks.

Katherine said...

Thank you for visiting Raph and nice to meet you! Thanks for your support for my project. It always helps.

Robyn said...

It's all about balance! Art in any form balances one. Jeane really is an inspiration the way she just dives in and starts a new medium. I so enjoy the progressions on her blog. Each progression makes me want to try something new.

Katherine said...

I know what you mean Robyn. I love how she processe a painting also I love to watch where she goes with it.