Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eva Lynn Hassan- Art and Meaning

A still from the collaborative hypermedia project, Eroica.

What is the meaning of doing art for you?

"I really like the way James Hillman speaks about anima

mundi and soul making...for me I think of what I do as

soul making; feeding the life spirit; maintaining a

connection with the unconscious for myself and thereby

for others. Painting, sculpture, photography, drawing,

literature, poetry, theater, music- all the different

media/mediums are potential avenues for reflection,

connection to the dream world, to avenues that poke

holes in the world of everyday, mundane business as

usual and more. Not all art does this...it depends on

where it is coming from....but also with all the many

sorts of people there are in the world it takes all

sorts of ways of working to feed the hungry....and I

think/feel this is especially true now with the

intensity of a market driven money hungry world,with

the pressures of technology, the locked down logic/reality

orientation... the need for metaphor, poetic insight, the

non-linear, passion that touches us is very great. Seeing

a film about raves in San Francisco made me think about

the Bushmen of Africa....the need of humans to enter the

oceanic states of beingness for renewal, for healing,

for permitting a new perspective to enter, to be connected

with life and here we are in the 21st century having to do

our dances in the underworld...hmmmmm. We live in a

Judeo/Christian world that is very sociology driven...

that doing good is associated with "feeding the hungry"

or saving people from oppressive regimes, etc. which is

certainly true....but there are other aspects to our lives

as well that need tending and some of us are are gardeners

in these other realms."

Eva Lynn's email is hassanio@verizon.net


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

"but there are other aspects to our lives as well that need tending and some of us are gardeners in these other realms." So beautifully put...my pleasure to see this work and read these words...a gift.

Sunrise Sister said...

Beautiful work and nice thoughts from an obviously gifted artist.

Katherine said...

Blue Sky I am glad you enjoyed this. I asked her years ago to write something and have had it posted to my studio walls since then.

Katherine said...

Sunrise I am glad you enjoyed this. Always wonderful to here from you!