Monday, April 20, 2009

Stock Schlueter- Art and Meaning

Oil on linen, 36"x50", Plein Aire

What is the meaning of doing art for you?

For me, the meaning of doing art has changed over the years.
When I first started out I was going to change the world with
each new masterpiece. I’d be discovered the next day and
showered with fame and money. It was all about making a
big impression.

Here I am some forty years later still climbing one step at a time. The trick is to not look down, or too far up the ladder. Each new canvas starts with new hope. At times I am mildly disappointed, but there are enough splashes of elation tossed in to keep me coming back. Many say how lucky the artist is to do what he or she loves. They don't seem to understand that it is real work, and if one takes it on as their livelihood it is a long and winding road, most of the time with no idea of what is around the corner. To the professional there is no waiting for “inspiration". Yes, you can be inspired, but you may starve waiting for it. You must view your art as even more than a "real job", because you are going to have to work more than a forty hour week …and with no guarantee that you’re going to get paid. There are great perks, including freedom and excitement, but it is still work. So, another way to answer the question: it's my job.

I don't need to change the whole world anymore. Just the act of painting is enough.

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Stock will be featured in this June's Southwest Art magazine


Jeane said...

Katherine and Stock - thank you so much - I really enjoyed this post - I so agree that it is work also! I become weary hearing about all the hearts and flowers and never the work side - art is life and so it embodies everything!

Sunrise Sister said...

Stock's painting is amazingly beautiful and his statement quite hard facts about courage, work, and determination of living one's life as an artist!


Thank you Katherine for posting this piece!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This is masterful work, yes work and so beautifully done!

Katherine said...

Thank you Jeane, Dianna and Mary Ann for stopping in to read Stock's response and see his gorgeous painting!

You are welcome Rachel, my pleasure.