Friday, April 10, 2009

Lee Kaloidis - Art and Meaning

Oil on canvas 24"x30"

What is the meaning of doing art for you?

"I think I'm driven to work partly by curiosity, partly
by daring, partly by insecurity. Curiosity because
I never know what to expect, daring because failure
is part of the equation, and insecurity because I need
to prove to myself over and over again I can actually
make a successful painting.
I suppose I'm also something of a
masochist because art is not easy.
It's like doing hill-work as a runner,
except the hill-work of art lasts all
day, day after day. Like running, though,
art is just; meaning you generally get
back what you put in. I have a love-hate
relationship with the process because
it's so damn challenging and live
largely for the results. But I would
have it no other way.

I believe destiny is the path one
takes to identity. For me that path
has been art."

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Jeane said...

Katherine and Lee - loved this post and the work - heading to the website now - thanks Katherine!

Sunrise Sister said...

K - thanks for the post. Lee's work is just terrific!

Paula Villanova said...

This is great, and the hillwork analogy is spot on!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I loved reading Lee's candid remarks on art true!The work is great and successful to me.

Anonymous said...

Jeane, Sunrise Sister, Paula, and Blue Sky Dreaming,

Thank you so much for your time, comments, and encouragement. I know you know it matters.

And to Katherine. To give me the opportunity to display my work, say something about who I am, and share your home, I am deeply grateful.

Blessings to you all,


Alberta and Ava said...

Hillwork! What a wonderful metaphor, and, as a fellow runner and mascochist, I totally agree with Lee's perspective.

Katherine said...

Jeane thank you for visiting and commenting, I know you had a great time at Lee's site full of yummy work. Looking forward to posting your Art and Meaning.

Katherine said...

Sunrise Sister Thank you for coming to the blog and commenting. I couldn't agree more about Lee's work....terrific!

Katherine said...

Paul thank you and keep coming back for more.

Katherine said...

Blue Sky tthank you for commenting. I look forward to posting your Art and Meaning .

Katherine said...

Lee thank you for your wonderful art and words. This project would be nothing without the artists that said yes, sat down and did it! Can't you see an Anthology published of all these artists?

Katherine said...

Alberta thank you once again for all your support and feedback. Thank you so much for your Art and Meaning, I look forward to it,s post.