Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oil on canvas 9x6 Reworked since posting. SOLD

I couldn't believe it this morning, I woke up to snow!
The trees are beautifully coated and it will be gone by
late morning, but none the less this late in the season
it is losing it's charm.

I am getting work ready to deliver to my gallery at the
coast and I am varnish challenged. I am trying to get
the right balance of gloss and matte and having a heck
of a time with it. Then yesterday I spilled a good portion
of the varnish I had left which means ordering more.
Oh honestly! I do love varnishing though, all the colors
come back to life and the different levels of matte and
shine in the dried painting even out.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This is a beauty...I'm a fool for the aqua!
Varnish days...sounds like everything that could happen did and then some!

Jeane said...

well, this sounds so much like many, many of my days - alas - this is a beautiful painting

Don Gray said...

How soon you forget, Katherine. We had a light snowfall last year on June 10th! :>}

Nice painting--good luck with varnish.

Katherine said...

Mary Ann thank you. Actually it was just a warning of things to come ... the next day was a dilly!

Katherine said...

Jeane thank you! I know I have so much clumsy stuff happen in the studio!

Katherine said...

Don thank you. Yes I remember the snow June 10th. The painting I painted that day has the name "Snow in June".

Dean Grey said...

Very vibrant colors in this one, Katherine!

I especially love the hot pinks near the very edges of the painting, poking from underneath the other colors.


Katherine said...

Thanks for commenting Dean. Always nice to hear your observations.