Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Deep Sea Diving

Oil on canvas, 36" x 48" $2200 plus shipping
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at katherine@katherinetreffinger.com

As I promised last week I am posting my latest
painting. While working on this piece I was reminded
of a book I read many years ago by Reshad Field Last
a story of a Westerner who travels to Turkey to
study under Sufi Mystiques. I believe it was semi
autobiographical. At one point he goes to a retreat and
sees a woman with a tangled skein of yarn. Her whole
day is spent untangling the skein and retangling it to
start again. She was in the process of untangling her
psyche and her way of thinking. She was not just doing
it for herself, she was untangling the greater psyche also.

There were moments in painting this where I felt it
would never work and that I was not sure I even liked
to paint. I remembered this woman and felt in my way
this was my skein of yarn. My process of working is to
create chaos and bring it to a peaceful place and lose it
again into chaos until it becomes an interesting and
finished piece. During this process I feel I am working
myself to a healthier level of sanity. It is often a walk
through the fire, as I let myself go through my fears,
doubts, and anxieties. I wish I could say what many
of the artists I have featured say that they are their
happiest and most peaceful when they are creating. I
mentioned this to my friend Don and he said he has a
friend who says he paints when the pain of not painting
becomes greater than the pain of painting. I laughed,
but there was a a part of me that agreed. There is always
joy when the piece is finished and I love what I did. This
was one of those times.


Sunrise Sister said...

.....and a beauty! Congratulations! I blogged yesterday about Moments of creation, not knowing where one is headed and surprised and pleased when the work takes them "there."

Jeane Myers said...

mmmm, wonderful post and wonderful piece - your description of how you work was so interesting - :)

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Beautiful - your artwork and your insights.

DMG said...

It IS indeed a joyous painting, and I must say that, while I usually am the most at peace when I am creating, I have found that, during periods of artistic growth, I often feel doubt and discontent. In fact, during these times, I feel agitated and question what I am even doing. I have learned that this resistance, however painful, is absolutely crucial my development. But it's hard!

Since I discovered your art, it has fed my soul and has been such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your feelings concerning your creative process and what it means to you.

Olivier Gilet said...

Great story, great painting

Katherine said...

Hi Dianna always a pleasure to hear from you. I'll have to go to your blog and read it. I have been so busy lately that I have been a bit negligent on that front.

Katherine said...

Hi Jeane thank you for stopping by to read and comment always love hearing from you. Thank you.

Katherine said...

Thank you so much Bonnie.

Katherine said...

Kathy I think what you say here is very true and maybe that is why I sometimes have such a difficult time. I make a leap in my work and then I am afraid I can't match that leap. Thank you for the high complements. It is such a gift to feel like my work inspires,

Katherine said...

Thank you Olivier. It's great to see you here in blog land!

Don Gray said...

It's a beautiful painting, Katherine. I sense both joy and sorrow in it, which makes it all the more profound.

robyn said...

Lovely post Katherine. Untangling the greater psyche ....I love that and can see and feel it in your beautiful painting. I agree with Alberta about feeling agitated and discontent during periods of artistic growth.

Katherine said...

That you Don for your feedback and support. It means a lot.

Katherine said...

Thank you Robyn. I thought about this post quite a bit as I was painting and looked forward to the post. As I said above to Alberta (Kathy) I relate to what she said also.