Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Red Shoes

Collaborative piece with Cindy Bilotti
Oil on Canvas, 40"x60" diptych $1600 plus shipping
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at katherine@katherinetreffinger.com

Okay,......so a week ago last Sunday I suggested to
my partner that he and I go for a walk....an innocent
enough desire. So we loaded the dogs into the car and
headed up toward the entrance to the wilderness area
outside of our town. We had gone about 3 or 4 miles
up a dirt road when we saw an old forestry road that is
now blocked by dirt berms. We decided to try that road,
as we never had, instead of continuing up to our original

It was a lovely road, as far as the views, with expansive
vistas of the valley and the craggy side of the top of the
mountain. The road itself was a drag because we had to
walk over many berms of loose dirt. They really wanted
to keep out any kind of motor vehicles. Kirby kept walking
ahead of me, the dogs with him and I found myself irritated.
What if a cougar appeared (there are many) or I fell? And
talk about instant manifestation....kaboom I fell coming down
the steep side of a berm. Aren't I powerful? I caught the side
of my foot and slipped sideways, dislocating my ankle. That
much I knew immediately as I lay screaming on the ground
I looked down and saw that my foot was not on the ankle
and both were headed in separate directions. If I had not
already been screaming with pain I would have started then.
Kirby was not very far ahead so he was with me immediately
saw my ankle and called on the cell 911,Thank you God we
were in easy cell phone range!

As I lay in a bed of rock I had two thoughts. It was going to
take some time for the rescue people to get here, and, that if
I spent all that time focused on the pain I was going to be very
miserable. I then said God this would be a REALLY good time
for miracle. That being said I started to pay attention to my
breath as opposed to the pain and was actually somewhat
peaceful for the approximate 40 minutes it took for the team
to get there. I did think how the heck are they going to get me
back with all those berms?

To be continued........


ArtPropelled said...

Oh it sounds so sore. Sending healing thoughts.

Uta said...

Oh you poor poor darling :(

Katherine said...

Thanks Robyn and Uta.