Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Karen Betty Tobias- Art and Meaning

'Organ' Wool felt and fibers 2009
"What is the meaning of doing art for you?"

Art means expressing myself. It is an ongoing process
of learning and getting to know me better. It tells me
about myself in relation to all the other people and
beings on Mother Earth and even what goes beyond.
Art means bonding to Mother Earth and opening the
view to all the wonderful beings and creatures we
have the pleasure to share this space with. It is my
way of expressing my respect.

I have been traveling around the World a lot with
my art and this year it brought me to South-Korea,
the Dominican Republic and Italy for exhibitions and
teaching. I had the gift of getting to know such
wonderful people. I especially want to mention my
friend Peter Benzing over there in the U.S. It is an
ongoing story about learning about people, culture,
nature and how everything goes together.

Sometimes I finish a work, stand back and have a
look at it, wondering "Was this really me who did this?
How did I do this?" I am very happy as long as it just
happens again and again and I am blessed by the joy
that I have about the things that come out of the total
ME. And for course its great to share this with others,
like Katherine and YOU!

'Convergence' Drawing on paper, 20 cm x20 cm (approximately 8"x8") 2009
Karen Betty Tobias

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Ria Vanden Eynde said...

Excellent, I have that too sometimes, standing back looking and wondering if it's me who did it...Lovely meaning (as I've come to expect here)!

RK said...

Beautiful painting!

Katherine said...

Ria I am glad that you are returning to visit the Art and Meaning project. I also enjoyed Karen's response and wrote her back the same comment you made.

Katherine said...

Rachel I can see you really enjoying Karen's work. I am going to have to connect you with her Flickr.