Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cindy Bilotti- Art and Meaning

Poplars 8x10 oil on panel

What meaning does doing art have for you?

My time spent doing art is meaningful to me because I enjoy doing it.

I enjoy the materials
I enjoy the process.
I enjoy the visual.
I enjoy the challenge.
I enjoy the unknown.
I enjoy the discoveries.

I just can't help myself. I do it because it is fun.

Cindy's website is :
Her flickr is: http//
Our collaborative work: Cindy and Katherine


Jeane Myers said...

beautiful beautiful trees and your collaboration piece is just amazing! wow!

martha miller said...

Your paintings are so very rich and I love the jewel colors! I enjoy the Art and Meaning posts!!! Thankyou for posting these!

Katherine said...

Jeane thank you for going to visit our work. We had so much fun! Cindy is a spectacular artist. I have painted next to her for several years with live models. Her painting spirit is fabulous, always playing, pushing, and experimenting.

Katherine said...

Thank you Martha. I hope you went to Cindy's other links and checked out her work. Thanks for the enjoyment of the Art and Meaning posts!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading and relating to Cindy's thoughts on her art making. It was a real treat to visit her site too; I'm in love with her figurative work. I also enjoyed the collaborative piece which I remember seeing on flickr. It's a wonderful combination of yours and her creative energy. Thanks for sharing all of this with us, Katherine. m.a.

Katherine said...

Thank you Mary Ann. I know what you mean about her figurative work. I return to her site to visit that work periodically, I also have the great fortune to own one of her figurative pieces!

My most recent style of working came out of the collaborative work. I learned so much about freeing up my voice working collaboratively. I am hoping to work with Cindy again someday.