Friday, June 19, 2009

Yellow Jacket

Oil on canvas 14"x11" $275 plus shipping
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at
This mornings post is 'Yellow Jacket', a painting I did
in 2002. It has been a part of my personal collection.
I have decided that I am now willing to let it go.

Kirby and I went for a long beautiful drive yesterday
to celebrate his birthday. I am constantly amazed at
the beauty of this area. We saw a home for sale in
our travels with 2 different real estate signs, there
was a sign on the gate that said "DANGER Rattlesnake
Infestation, Please stay on road"
that is a word that is not kidding around! Then there
was another sign that said "Rattlesnake Estate".
Besides that we saw 2 coyotes.


Poetic Artist said...

I love the Yellow Jacket. Yet I love all of your work..
The RattleSnack, Do not want to buy that piece of real estate...

Jeane Myers said...

infestation! yikes - I can't imagine that many rattlesnakes in one place! wonderful painting, Katherine!

Katherine said...

Thanks Katelen. I wouldn't want to buy that property either.

Katherine said...

Thank you jeane, glad you like it. Yes, how many Rattlesnakes does it take to make an infestation?

Uta said...

Uh-oh rattlesnakes!!! Glad we don't have them here. Although we do have a lot of poisonous snakes and spiders they don't seem to be as scary as rattlesnakes. I suppose its what you are used to isn't it.

Sharon Barfoot said...

Marvelous painting Katherine. I rather like snakes but I am not sure I want to live with that many poisonous snakes.

Katherine said...

Uta, no rattlesnakes???? You are really missing out! That is so true, it is what you are used to. I grew up around earthquakes and when I traveled to hurricane or tornado country I was so nervous when I went through both events. The people in those areas couldn't believe I would choose to live in earthquake country. I felt the same about their tornadoes and hurricanes.

Katherine said...

Zappha a woman after my own heart, some one who likes snakes. I do too, and yes I would find it weird living near an infestation. But then I don't know what that means, I lived in places where there were several nests near by and I would walk right by one on my daily walk. I just said hi to those snakes and they said hi to me.

Katherine said...

Oh and Zappha thanks about the painting.