Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nadia Minic-Art and Meaning

"Fisherman" watercolor

What meaning does doing art have for you?

When ever I have time I paint. This has been true since I was
a child.
I have always been a contemplative person. The words
of my deep inner voice are not expressed easily. Everywhere
I look I see, in colors, pictures of my feelings. I attempt to
express them in an impressionistic, symbolic or abstract
style. I paint for myself and when I exhibit, I hope to touch
people in a way that allows them to connect with their own
inner world. I like to bring out a certain aesthetic and
atmospheric mood to many different themes and subjects
using composition and colors. I need to paint as it is what
makes life worthwhile. It is another world in the normal
world. It is a wonderful chance to create our own personal
world and, if we are lucky, to share with like thinking and
feeling persons. For me painting means to dive into a new
dimension in my inner soul.
Nadia Minic from Luxembourg/Europe
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RK said...

There is such a wonderful peaceful quality to this painting for me.

Sharon Barfoot said...

Nadia is one of my favourite artists. Her paintings invoke a sense of calm. She states she is contemplative and that comes through in her work.

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

A wonderful watercolor! And indeed very contemplative.

Katherine said...

Thank you Rachel, Zappha, and Sylvi for your visit, comments and support for Nadia's lovely work.