Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Judy Molyneux- Art and Meaning

'Surfers Changing by Their Cars' Oil, 24"x30"

"What is the meaning of doing art for you"?

I paint for many reasons, some unknown even to me.
Fame, fortune, the sheer love of it, the exciting and
wondrous "what if...."

A painter has to be a gambler, has to be able to throw
all cautions to the wind and step off into the unknown,
to face both disasters and the wild rush of the universe.

But the reason that continues to haunt and sustain me is
the right for all of us to hold onto joy; through war, horror,
dull stupidity.

The laughter of a child.
The beauty of red.
A dogs rough and wild play.
The song of existence.

Painting reminds me of this over and over.

More of Judy's work can be viewed at:
Her website is down at the moment but try later:


Sunrise Sister said...

Katherine - I visited Judy's work online this a.m. Beautiful - thanks for introducing her to us readers and painters:)!

Katherine said...

Dianna thank you for coming over to the blog to leave your comment. I love Judy's work so it was a thrill to feature her. I love what she has to say. It is actually a quote from her book. I didn't have an email so I sent her a card and asked her to participate. As a response she sent me her art book and told me to go ahead and get an image off the internet. But no answer to the question, I was frustrated until I looked through the book and found this passage, which was a wonderful answer. So I not only received the response I am now an owner of a lovely book full of her work.

Jeane Myers said...

very strong work - I love the looseness of the figures :)

Sharon Barfoot said...

This is fabulous work from an artist of whom I was not aware. I truly thank you for introducing me to Judy and her art.

Katherine said...

Jeane I can't tell you how much I long for this looseness in my figurative work, maybe someday I will achieve it. I lover the thickness of the paint.

Katherine said...

Zappha I am so glad I could introduce you to Judy. Her work is fabulous isn't it. And now I have a whole book to look at!

Ria Vanden Eynde said...

For me it's her statement: "the right for all of us to hold on to joy; through war, horror and dull stupidity." Wow, I'm speechless. Completely moved by it... & inspired :)

Katherine said...

Ria thank you for visiting. I know exactly what you mean. That passage in her statement knocked me off my feet also.