Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Rain

Oil on Canvas 9x6 Sold
The weather has been so dramatic lately with lovely
sunny, warm days. Then in the afternoon the black
clouds and wind rolls in, then the lightening and
thunder and rain, at time downpours. So in honor
of this I am posting a painting I reworked a bit and
then renamed. I have already posted Gemini, it is
now Summer Rain.

I also have an Art and Meaning request. I have a
feeling that it will be the known artists that are
going to convince publishing companies to look at
this project for a book. So if any of you have
connections to artists of any 'fame' that might be
willing to participate could you send them my way?
I now have 21 responses huh? I love
that they range from beginning to world famous


Jeane Myers said...

good morning Katherine - boy the 2 crows print turned out beautifully! I really like this painting also - weather here so warm and wonderful right now! soaking up every bit of it :)

Sunrise Sister said...

Katherine, Enjoyed your post this a.m. Our weather here has been kind of similar. A big storm last night that cleared the air and has given us a lovely a.m.

Thanks for the comment over at my site today! I'm putting my thinking cap on for you re established artists - I think you're going at the idea in a very good and forward marketing fashion!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

We have plenty of sunshine...not complaining.
Weather changes can be exciting, especially thunder and lightning!
I like this painting, a jewel!

Katherine said...

Jeane thanks for the feedback. How nice to have nice weather!

Katherine said...

Dianna the weather is still dramatic, the building shook from thunder yesterday, I thought the windows were going to break!

The picture of your collage just pulled me right over to your site. Let me know if you come up with anyone.

Katherine said...

Thank you Mary Ann. I like that....a jewel.

Poetic Artist said...

As always I have to tell you I love your work.
So If you ever need a beginner artist for your list.. Give my blog alook and see if I worth a beginner for your project and I would be honered to be part of it..Sorry I have no contacts to help you.LOL..but if I did..Sounds like a song.. Katelen