Monday, June 29, 2009

Jane Tracy- Art and Meaning

Desert Dreams' 30"x36" Acrylic/Mixed Media on canvas

"What is the meaning of doing art for you"?

I paint because I must....and when I don't - I'm miserable,
guilt-ridden and all 'round unhappy. I love the struggle and
the battle between me and the empty canvas. The highs
and lows experienced with nearly every brush stroke are
great. I'm most thrilled with the joy I feel the day or two
after I've declared a painting 'finished'.....that is the best-
provided I don't want to 'fix' anything. I then know I
MUST begin anew...

Janes website:
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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Well said and well done! I too enjoy the ups and downs in the's all good!

Jeane Myers said...

OMG! I'm mad for this work - I have been through Jane's whole photostream when I should have been mowing the lawn! thanks so much Katherine for introducing me to her amazing work!

Sharon Barfoot said...

I agree with Jeane. I spent the most enjoyable time this afternoon viewing Jane's photostream. Love the work.

Uta said...

Fabulous work and great words. A nice start to my day :)

Katherine said...

Blue Sky Mary Ann, I think it is best to enjoy the struggle because it is a vital part of the creative process. I love it sometimes other times I don't, I find it just plain stressful. :>}

Katherine said...

Jeane LOL "when I should have been mowing the lawn!"
Glad you liked Jane's work so much. When I found her work I think I put 1/3 of it in my favorites on Flickr. Any how glad I could introduce her to you.

Katherine said...

Zappha ditoo for what I said to Jeane (minus the lawn). Glad I could bring Jane's work to your attention.

Katherine said...

Zappha that was supposed to say ditto.

Katherine said...

Hi Uta! We hope to start your day right! Glad you enjoyed Jane.