Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spring Moon-Crow Speaks

Mixed Media on paper 30x22 $395 plus shipping.
If you are interested in purchasing this drawing please
email me at

I am posting a second piece of work today. I felt
a bit shy about posting this piece on my blog but
I have received enough support from my Flickr
friends to brave it. I am hoping this is my first step
into a new expression. I am working with materials
that are fairly new to me and with limited tools.

Oil on canvas 24"x30" $795 plus shipping
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at

Speaking of the moon, I read yesterday that the moon
this month is as close to the earth as it gets. Cool eh?
Maybe that's what is messing with my computer this
morning, I keep losing my connection.

Yesterday's featured artist Judy Molyneux lives in a beach
town in California. That town was the next town over from
the one I lived in....Stinson Beach. That is how I knew of
Judy's work. I wanted to ask her to be involved in the project
so I began the search to obtain her email. Turns out she
doesn't even have a computer. This alone could get me going
on a very long telling of the story of the quirky town she lives
in, but I won't be detoured. So I sent her a card explaining
the project and gave her the question. I received a very quick
response, a note in a lovely book titled 'Molyneux'. The note
gave me permission to get an image off her website (which
as I said yesterday would not come up) and that was it. I was
disappointed that there was no answer. I hungrily sat down to
look at the art in the book and toward the end there was a
statement by Judy. It answered the question. That was what
I posted yesterday. I found the image at one of the galleries
representing her. Thank you Judy.

P.S. Spring Moon was formerly Petroglyph


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Some moon, I've been days losing connection, unable to leave seems good. Loving the soft rose, pink blush peach color going on in the left corner.Alway like your line work.

Jeane Myers said...

I really really LOVE this new piece (Crow Speaks) intense! and I am now one of those flicker followers! yea! uh oh, blogger acting up - don't know if this is going to post.....

Dianna Woolley said...

Wow, the new direction is terrific. Courageous and a must - really wonderful. I look forward to more of this new adventure you're on!

Poetic Artist said...

How I love your work..Every time I see a new piece. The more I want to see..Maybe one day when I am no longer a starving artist..I can own a piece of your work..
Thank you for always sharing and inspiring.

Katherine said...

Thank you Mary Ann, I have fun with my squiggles and lines, they are some of my freer times with these abstracts. Let the moon do it's spacey pull, I say, you will soon enough return with your feet on this planet. :>}

Katherine said...

Jeane thank you so much for loving my new piece!!It means a lot to me. Welcome to Flickr, spend some time there and you will love it. I would say 70% of my connection here is from Flickr.

Katherine said...

Dianna I could just hug you! Thank you so much. It will develop I am sure, I hope. Until then here is the first. Well not really my first. When I started my first pieces of art (after collage) were expressions similar to this. I was in way over my head!

Katherine said...

Katelen that is so nice of you to say.Thank you so much for your support.

Anonymous said...

Katherine, I saw Crow Speaks on Flickr and came hairing over here to read more about it. Crow speaks to me and I love it....a lot! Please write about your step into a new way of expressing yourself. It reminds me of some of the work in that amazing collaboration you did with Cindy Bilotti.

Katherine said...

Robyn I promise to post a response to this. The work with Cindy is exactly what I would like to get to on my own. Thank you as always for your support.