Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mike Peyton- Art and Meaning

'The Gathering' Snake Gourds and ink (Sharpie)
3'H x2'Wx1'Deep

"What is the meaning of doing art for you"?

Working on my pieces is like therapy for me. My work is
very detailed and the level of attention required to achieve
this detail requires complete focus and concentration. This
intense focus serves to clear my mind. It releases all the
"noise" in my mind.

I am a single parent of two boys (Hunter, 9 and
Garrett-Lee, 7) and when they go to bed I go to "therapy".
I work 3 to 4 hours a night on my pieces and by the time
I'm done the worries of the day have been absorbed by
my "piece in creation". I believe that it's not the end result
that matters but the process involved in getting there.

Of course, it is nice when your creation satisfies you and
it's even nicer when others enjoy it, as well. But that's not
really the purpose. It's about releasing my inhibitions and
just letting my creativity flow. The key is to not be afraid
to take that journey. As I always say, "Creativity is nothing
more than your willingness to set your mind free."


daviddrawsandpaints said...

"...your willingness to set your mind free"

I am willing, I am not afraid, and I experiment all the time, in my own way. The meaning of "doing art" for me is to explore all that I can find within me, and try to go further.
It doesn't release all the "noise" in my head for there is always more.

I appreciate you also not being afraid.

[visiting via Melinda (Moments of Clarity) - one of my very favourite artists]

Jeane Myers said...

the 'willingness to set your mind free' fabulous!

Anonymous said...

What a great surprise to see Mike Peyton on Treffinger Daily. I relate to the releasing of all the noise in ones mind and I love the last quote "Creativity is nothing more than your willingness to set your mind free."

Katherine said...

David nice to see you over here in blog land I know you from Flickr.

Katherine said...

Jeane great response isn't it? I love the work.

Katherine said...

Robyn thanks to you I found Mike. Ohhh these snakes I just love them! Such a den! The work is so meticulous. It really must be quite meditative.

Mike said...

Robyn and Katherine,
Thanks to both of you for your willingess to share my work and thoughts with your visitors. You are doing the artist community an amazing service by showcasing the work that you do and sharing on the digital highway. I am amazed at the "global artist talent" that is now just a mouse click away from all of us. The opportunities presented to all of us, by folks such as yourselves, to expand our creative horizons are endless. Thanks again.

Katherine said...

Mike the pleasure is mine! I,too, am constantly amazed by the International talent available to us now. With my Flickr and Blog I am also making friends with extremely creative people all over the world. It is mind boggling. I have many friends I have never met it's amazing, weird, and wonderful. I wish you the best in your cretaive endeavors, your talent is obviously a large pool for you to tap into.