Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alexander Innes- Art and Meaning

'Size 10' Mixed Media on canvas 137cm by 114cm
(approximately 54"x 45")

What is the meaning of doing art for you?

I am not a philosopher so I shall leave philosophizing at the
door for those who can do it far better than I. I can only
answer this question from a strictly personal perspective. So
I guess this then leaves me to tell you why I paint and draw.
I began painting for no reason and with no purpose. I felt the
urge to paint one day. . . so I did just that. . .I painted a
portrait. So now I paint or draw each day.

I can't say that it is exactly a blissful enjoyment for me. Art
at times makes me feel like I am repeatedly putting my head
through a brick wall. . . and it gets no softer. Continuous
searching in the pretty sure knowledge that complete
satisfaction will never be attained. . .plus a set of grizzled
hands and fried grey cells into the bargain. Hardly a bonanza.
So why do it. . .why bother ?

Well, if I don't paint, draw, make some mark then somethings
up. . . not right. I need to search because I love colours and
forms. How they work. . . what works. . . what doesn't work.
How big, how small, how rough, how smooth. The ins and
outs of Art through my eyeballs. And occasionally my eyeballs
get a reward. Something that I can stand back from and think
how did that happen. That's a good feeling, a beautiful one.
When you can produce something and no matter how fleeting
the emotion is it can make me come to Life with energy and
happiness. Then that's quite wonderful sensation.

However that is not the meaning of me doing Art. To be
honest I do not have the faintest idea of the meaning of me
doing Art. I don't know why I started but I do know why
I continue and maybe this comes closest to answering the
question. Because Art is a strange path to choose. A path
that I feel chooses you rather than you choosing it. So as I
am on that path the best thing I can do is get busy with it.
Paint what is in my heart and not think too much about it.
I think the meanings and meanderings of its path take care
of themselves in the end.

Alexander's art can be seen at:
His email is:


Jeane Myers said...

touchdown! this work speaks to me in the richest way! I love the image and the statement - I've visited the website and love how Alexander describes going from a whisper to a scream in his work! thank you so much Katherine for presenting his work - it's exactly what I needed to see!

Katherine said...

Jeane I know exactly what you mean. I told Alexander in a note on Flickr that his work took me to my knees. It was exactly what I needed to see! I love that: touchdown!

Sharon Barfoot said...

Alexander's work is bold and pushes all the boundaries and that is what I love about it. He digs into our senses as deep as the primitive core and we come away wondering what happened. We may not know what happened but we know it moved us.

ArtPropelled said...

Zappha said it all. I love this piece.

Katherine said...

Zappha you ought to put what you said on Flickr as a testimonial for Alexander. You articulated so well the impact of his work! Fabulous, thank you.

Katherine said...

I agree Robyn, didn't she say it well! Were you familiar with Alexander's work previously? If by any chance you weren't you must look at his photostream on Flickr.

Sharon Barfoot said...

I shall do just that. Alexander is one of my contacts on flickr and I have explored his entire photostream.