Thursday, May 7, 2009


Oil on canvas 24x18 $495 plus shipping
If you are intereested in this painting please
email me at

Today I am taking a day trip to Pendleton, so no
painting. I am excited to get back to the studio
and see what comes out. Hopefully this weekend.
I hope to post some new work soon, Yikes!

Does any one know anything about the Florence
Biennale of Art? I have been invited but it is hugely
expensive. Don't know if it is a scam or a real thing
or what.

Well have a fabulous day. I am thrilled to be putting
the pedal to the medal today, I haven't been out since
my fall.

Hopefully I will have an Art and Meaning post soon.


Sharon Barfoot said...

It is the real thing Katherine. It is one of the larger international shows. It costs just a little more than the big Toronto show. I think the big shows like that are all priced around the same to participate. Although, for this one you need to be invited by the panel of judges.

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

Wonderful painting!
About the show: just do it! It will be great and inspiring!

Katherine said...

Thank you Zappha for the info. The cost is extremely high so I would have to get funded. We'll see.

Katherine said...

Thanks Sylvie for the support and encouragement.

Don Gray said...

Here's a link to an artist discussion forum on the Florence show. It gets mixed reviews. It is basically a vanity show, paid for by the artists and probably not taken that seriously by galleries. Sales don't seem to be all that great in general. On the other hand, some artists apparently had a great time. If I had the money and wanted to take a "busman's holiday" to Florence, I guess I might consider it.

Don Gray said...

OOPS--the link--sorry:

Terry said...

I know Nancy Reyner did the Florence Biennial recently, you could check with her to see what she thought. She is the author of The Acrylic Revolution, lives in Santa Fe, and is just a lovely person...

Katherine said...

Thank you Don and Terry for the info I will check out both these leads.

RK said...

Great painting Katherine!

Katherine said...

Thank you Madam Rachel!