Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rachel Schlueter- Art and Meaning

'Rain Cat' Oil on Masonite 6"x8"

What is the meaning of doing art for you?

I feel there are opposing forces in our world, they are love
and fear. Love expands and fear contracts. Making art for
me is an act of love. It is my belief that this creative act of
love contributes to the expansion of consciousness. When
I am painting I am expressing my potential as a human.
Art is a gift and being an artist is a privilege. When I show
up for my art I see it as my contribution to something larger.
It is for this reason I encourage the creative process in others.

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RK said...

I have known Katherine for years and years. Her work has always been strong. Her light and passion magnetic. I am not surprised when I see all the people gathering around her.
Thank you Katherine, "You Rock" ~R. Schlueter

RK said...


Stock Schlueter said...

Rachel is not only a very accomplished painter she is a wonderful human being. This statement is a tribute to all artists trying to build a better world one brush stroke at a time. She is also a great companion we are truely blessed to share a common world of color and light. Stock Schlueter

Tyson said...

That post above was supposed to be from me... Awesome!

ArtPropelled said...

Well said. That cat is just gorgious....I'm sure she just twitched her tail.

Katherine said...

You rock Rachel!! Thank you so much for you beautiful response to the question, and the gorgeous sample of your work, for your kind words. But best of all thank you for being my friend through all that we have gone through over the years.

Katherine said...

Tyson, nice to see you visiting the block and giving a word of support for your mom.

Katherine said...

Stock I love what you say about artists building a better world one brush stroke at a time. She is a wonderful human being! And an accomplished painter! Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

Katherine said...

Robyn thanks for checking in. Rachel does have a way with her cats of catching them in very cat like poses.

Katherine said...

I meant 'capturing', because Rachel you do capture the essence of cat.

RK said...

Thanks for all the creative expansive comments!