Monday, May 18, 2009

Donna Marsh- Art and Meaning

'Yesterday' Oil on canvas 16"x20"
What is the meaning of doing art for you?

It's odd, but in popular culture artists are portrayed as
flaky-crazed individuals who drink too much and worse.
But I am never quieter or less crazed than when I'm
painting, planning a painting, or thinking about painting,
because it requires everything from me, and I'm willing
to give it. So for me, doing art is an island of sanity in a
strange world. It's the one place I can make sense of
what I know but can't put into words. And it's not some
exalted knowledge or anything like that. Everybody
knows it. But they are equally tongue-tied about these
matters. Perhaps they will come across my painting and
not just see it, but recognize it. And that is my favourite
conversation, because it's something that can occur with
people who have very different experiences from me,
different beliefs, likes, dislikes and yet, for a moment,
we have a little agreement about the human condition.
Mi casa, su casa.

The rest is about my relationship with the paint. I love
everything about the paint. I love the colour, the texture,
the smell. I can argue with it, I can push it, but most of
all I can trust it. The studio is where I can continue
growing this competence. It is also where I can break the
bonds (but quietly) of my Canadian couth and restraint.
These hands that are gloved most of the year get dirty.
Those snowy wastes I find so compelling don't just live
outside. It's a wonderful thing to get up in the morning
and go colour my world.

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Yes, to the sanity and yes, to the paint and yes, to the color...yes, I agree so much with your words and love the painting too!

Sharon Barfoot said...

" An island of sanity in a strange world".....what a wonderful sentiment. Donna Marsh is one of my favourite artists.

RK said...

COOL Image!

Katherine said...

Mary Ann Yes to sanity, paint and color our new mantra!
Don't you love Donna's response?... and well... the painting. One of my faves.

Katherine said...

Zappha She's one of my faves also.

Katherine said...

Rachel I KNEW you would love this painting.

Stephen Mingle/Gonzo® said...

Some said to me, they watched me sideshow, and it was a totally unique world, and yet it felt familiar. I never met Donna -but we are blood relatives!

Stephen Mingle/Gonzo® said...

She speaks for me.

Jeane Myers said...

Katherine and Donna - I loved this! just wonderful! really wonderful! :)

Katherine said...

Mingle Gonzo isn't it wonderful when we find others that speak to us on a deep level?

Katherine said...

I am smiling Jeane...thanks for that. Isn't this just a fabulous response... and her art work yummmm.

RK said...

I feel the same way.

Terry said...

Fantastic, exciting work!

Katherine said...

Terry isn't it though! I was thinking about you when I posted it that with both of you my fave was a car.
Women painting cars...who woulda thought???

ArtPropelled said...

Yes an island of sanity for me too. Love the painting.

Katherine said...

Thanks Robyn for coming to visit Donna's response and painting.