Monday, May 25, 2009

Sharon Zappha Barfoot- Art and Meaning

'Root Chakra' 12" X 12" encaustic

What is the meaning of doing art for you?

When I approach a new blank canvas I attempt to establish

a dialogue. That dialogue is with me and the canvas; me and

my inner perception of my world; me and those who stop to

view the work. I open conversations with signs and signifiers.

I give clues. I try to reach into the recesses beyond what we

see with the eye alone. I journey to the bare essence of a

moment in time. With each canvas I hope to create a sense

of anticipation. I want people to feel that "something" is

happening outside of the scope of what you can see. I want

the viewer to participate. And most of all, I want to remain
a participant myself.

Creating, whether it be with paint, textiles, or sculptures,

gives me my voice. When words alone are not enough,

I paint. When I establish this dialogue with a canvas I am

given permission to speak in many more languages than just

the language I use for words. It is that ‘unifier’ that reaches

across all barriers to convey and idea; a story; my story.

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RK said...

I feel those things that you wrote, when I view your work, I love the piece above!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Beautiful painting, beautiful words and expression. Thank you both!

HeartFire said...

Gorgeous painting!!!

Jeane Myers said...

I love Sharon's work and this is an especially gorgeous piece!

Ann Christine Dennison said...

Lush and beautiful!

Katherine said...

Rachel, Leslie, Delorse, Jeane and Ann Christine thank you for visiting and leaving your footprint. These comments are food for the artist (as you well know). Zappha is especially fantastic at leaving feedback and support here on the blogs and on Flickr. Thank you Zappha for your wonderful words, beautiful art and all the support you have shown all of us. You rock!!!!