Friday, May 29, 2009

Gail Siptak- Art and Meaning

'Saving the Birds' 36"x72" Oil on Canvas

What is the meaning of doing art for you?

Like so many who tread this path, " making" was bred
in the bone. Early drawing, talking, dramatizing, early
symbol making. It continues to be a form of communication.
I soak it up with my eyes .....the bend of an arm, the
shift of a body, the balance of objects in real space.
Transferring the feel of what I see to paper or canvas
gives it away, rids me of the need, allows me to begin

At first I did it for myself. Then for others. Then for
notice. It seems, now, after so much was achieved and
so much forgotten, that, after all, I do it for myself.
It relieves my heebie jeebies, eases my pain, calms my
exuberance, balances my worries, makes me think I am
the mistress of my little universe and lets me say my
little piece.

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Sharon Barfoot said...

You paint your story, herstory, history and it is a joy to view your visual 'words'. "Saving the Birds' is a wonderful painting.

Katherine said...

Thank you Zappha for your comment to Gail. I always love seeing her work. Each piece is an entire story in itself.

RK said...

I love this painting too, and Gail's words feel like her paintings, thank you for sharing your work Gail!

Katherine said...

That's funny Rachel I think that is what i said to Gail when I first received her response.

Jeane Myers said...

exactly! wonderful work - thank you....

Katherine said...

Thanks again for visiting Gail's work Jeane.