Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ugly Duckling I

Oil on canvas 48x36 Collection of artist
Collaboration with Cindy Bilotti (and her Flickr)

I am going to talk a little astrology today. Be warned I know
very little about it. This evening Mercury the planet of
communication is going retrograde.

"When a planet is in retrograde, it appears to be moving
backwards in the sky when viewed from earth. Of course it
is not actually moving backwards, but the illusion of
backward motion is created due to the differing speeds of
planetary orbits around the sun."

What I have learned about it is that when it is retrograde
we are advised to do things that start with re. Rework,
rewrite, rethink well you catch my drift.

I can already feel this movement in my own life as I
rethink my expression in art. What is my next step,
what is it I want to express, what is my true artistic
voice? I know the answers are continually evolving,
but here I am again. In search of the answers to this
I find myself going to this piece Cindy and I collaborated
on which is the painting I kept in my own collection.
It is speaking to me and wants to inform me, to guide me.
I am listening.


Sharon Barfoot said...

The last page of the book of poetry I wrote says: If within your heart you find no reason
to smile…….
If you find no reason
to be thankful…….
Keep searching.

Once we stop listening/seeing we forget the important things and feel lost. If you ever feel you have lost your voice ....keep searching. It will always be there. Your voice, like other artists, comes in colour, texture, and images. And it has always been expressive in such a positive way.

Karin Bartimole said...

I love the feeling of spontaneity, life and movement in this painting. There's so much energy in it - It makes me want to get out a big canvas, center myself and then move into the process of art - draw, paint, layer, and dance color...
I am going to work with your mercury retro interpretation, too. it's a positive way to work with the energy. For me it tends to be a period that manifests with miscommunications that can be stressful, however, if I keep in mind the reworking theme, I can remember that it's an opportunity to possibly do it differently - listen and speak with this or that person more clearly; slow down to figure out the re-do way!

Shayla said...

This is such a beautiful piece. I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this collaboration series when I first discovered Flickr. It made such an impression on me.

Katherine said...

Zappha I love your poem and your words of support. Thank you so very much. I am feeling a little lost but that is good, for I know that is the way home to a truer voice.

Katherine said...

Karin so very nice to see that you are inspired by this painting. That is one of the best things we can wish for with a piece of art. You go to it! I didn't want to go in to all the things associated with Mercury retrograde, but lets just say the printer is challenging us now. But I do like the re idea better. It gives us a creative way to be with the energy. So lets redefine Mercury retrograde!

Katherine said...

Thank you Shayla.

Katherine said...

Robyn thank you for saying that. The experience of collaborating was such a gratifying one. I think it shows in the work.

Uta said...

Funny, I've had the same feelings too. What do I want to say now? What do I want to express with my art? My work is evolving into something new and yet similar, like an extension of the old. Wonder where its leading me.

Katherine said...

Uta I would say the answer is sort of in the question. The art is leading you. Isn't that nice?

Jeane Myers said...

transition, an exciting place to be in..... :)

Katherine said...

Yes Jeane and....I scared :>}

Poetic Artist said...

We all as artist, search and then we sometimes come back to the beginning to realize, that is where we belonged all the time. Then the scared part is sometimes we never come back,but we must always keep searching.
I love the work.

Katherine said...

Katelen I am touched thank you. I will start at the beginning, which is exactly where I feel that I am.

Katherine said...

I just saw my artist statement and felt I should add it at this point.
"When I stand before an empty canvas or piece of paper, I am lost, unaware of what to do. In fact, my most satisfying work comes from staying ‘lost’. Navigational confidence is seldom productive for me. Each piece becomes the recording of a unique introspective exploration."

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

i love this painting. I would want to keep it in my own collection too if it were mine.

What you wrote about Mercury being in retrograde really does reflect that moment where we stop and say- where to now? I like the metaphor of a seeming backward movement. I think we often confuse feeling lost with going backwards....but often it is at these times that we ask the important questions. Look at ourselves honestly in the mirror, and then Grow.