Thursday, May 21, 2009


The original drawing (charcoal, conte, and gouache
on paper 22x30) is sold. Beautiful Giclee prints
are available on Hahnemuhle rag paper with
archival ink. 22x30 $250, 18x24 $150. A second
print of the 'Angel', 'Coyote' or 'Says Who?' is half
the price.

I spent yesterday drawing, something I haven't done
for a while. I did not finish so in the spirit of where
my energy will be focused today I am posting a sold
drawing I sell now as a Giclee print. Drawing is such
intense work for me because I am very focused on
seeing what I am working from and at the same time
I am going in and doing things to break the illusion of
control so it will not simply be a rendering but an artistic
statement. On the crow drawing I was working on
yesterday I sprayed water on it, sanded it, painted into
it and scratched it with a razor. I did all of that on today's
post except the razor.


Jeane Myers said...

I've admired the angel on your sidebar for a long time - she is wonderful

Katherine said...

Thank you Jeane and thank you for commenting, she was getting a little lonely until you came along :>}

ArtPropelled said...

I've also been admiring your angel in the sidebar for a while. She really is spectacular.

Katherine said...

Thank you very much Robyn. I really appreciate hearing that. She is dear to me. I actually sold the original to a local rancher/farmer and his wife so she is also near as well as dear. Always great to hear from you.