Friday, May 22, 2009

Joseph Jahn- Art and Meaning

'Abstract 45' Oil on Canvas 120x100 cm (48"x40" approximately)
What is the meaning of doing art for you?

The meaning of Art to me is life itself. Funny
how people set Art in some special box. If
asked, folks would say they know nothing about
Art. However they do. They live with it everyday,
and would absolutely notice if it suddenly
disappeared from the planet. It's gazing at the
ground in a daze of thought, it's watching your
cat, it's love and hate and rage and tenderness.
Artists are simply the ones with the opportunity
and skill to set these thing in some detached
form, be it a concept or sculpture or painting
or Whatever. But as Art it is just another,
however elevated, form of life. Being an
abstract painter I'm often asked "What is it?"
and I reply, not being smart but honest,
oil paint on canvas.

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Jeane Myers said...

wonderful, just wonderful

RK said...

yes I think art begins with observation. I like Mr. Jahn's posted abstract.

Sharon Barfoot said...
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Sharon Barfoot said...

I love the posted abstract as well. Mr. Jahn is absolutely right when he states that art is life and life is art. We are surrounded with beautiful images. Artists just take what is obscure and make it concrete.

Katherine said...

Jeane thank you for visiting. I also think there are 2 kinds of wonderful here: art and response.

Katherine said...

Thank you for visiting Rachel.

Katherine said...

Zappha I agree and I think artists take the concrete and make it obscure which is often my favorite expression, because truth be known very little is concrete.

Poetic Artist said...

Is words so true art is life.. I also love his work.
Thanks for sharing all the different artist.

Katherine said...

You are so welcome Katelen! I am loving it!